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New Life Christian Academy

Dallas, Texas

Guidelines, in Light of Covid-19 – Coronavirus

(Revised 7/23/2020) 

We welcome all our students to the new school year. The school year will begin on August 10, 2020 in a virtual format. (similar to how we ended the last quarter). The supervisors will be contacting the parents and students to let them know when the pickup will be for paces and for other pertinent material.

 The guidelines for this school year and for on-campus in-person learning are as follow: (and the starting date depends on our County authorities)


Student on arrival:

-The student must arrive by 8:15 AM. and/or earlier.

-The temperature of each student will be checked upon arrival. If the student has a temperature that is 99 degrees or higher, they will not be admitted to school that day.  If the student has a cough due to allergies, they must wear their facemask all day. 

-The student must come to school wearing a face mask; the student can remove them in their office.

-The student must practice physical distancing – 6’ apart from each other.

-The student will bring their own backpacks (there will be no use of lockers); backpacks may be placed underneath their respective office. 

-The students will place their cell phones in their respective “cell phone pocket” (especially those in the older students learning centers. 

-The student must go to their office and wait until the opening bell rings. 

-The student will continue in their office through the morning pledges and devotionals.

-The students will go to the restroom, only after they have been given permission, thus only one student at the restroom, per gender. 


Student seating in their offices:

-Students will sit at every other seat in the Learning Center.



-(The student must wear their facemask whenever they leave their office).

-(The red pens will be supplied by the school…the student will provide a separate pen holder that will go above their office). 

-Every student will put on their facemask when leaving their office to the scoring table.

-Scoring will be done by two students on either side of the scoring table on either end.

-Every student will have their own red scoring pen and it will be in a pen holder above their offices.

-The student will sanitize or wash their hands before returning to their office.

-(The student at the scoring table will have a plastic vinyl in front and on the side).



-Only one student on either extreme of the testing table at a time (and must keep their facemask).



-The computer keyboards will all have plastic covers over them, and will be disinfected after each use.



-Breaks will be taken by only 4 to 5 students at a time; they must wear their facemasks.

-In the break room, they will also keep 6’ distancing.

-Violation of distancing will jeopardize their breaktime. 




-Students will go to and from the chapel wearing their face masks. 

-Students directing the worship will observe all the distancing guidelines.

-Students will walk to the chapel in a distanced manner.

-Students will sit two students per pew and on the odd numbered pews only and the students seated on aisle will sit on to foot away from the edge of the pew. 



-Will use the Music Room in the worship center.

-Students will walk to the Music Room with their facemasks in a distanced manner.

-Students will sit or stand in their rehearsals in a distanced manner. 



-Will use the usual Art Room across from Learning Center III.

-Students will walk to the Art Room with their facemask in a distanced manner.

-Students will sit or stand as the Art teacher has designated that concern.


Physical Education:

-Students will participate in non-contact sports or recreation (This would be true for the younger and older students).


Lunch Time:

Students will walk to the lunchroom by Learning Centers at their designated times. They will walk at a distanced manner and will sit distanced from each other accordingly. There will be no more than four students to a table.


Field Trips:

-Students will participate in fieldtrips as long as the distancing guidelines can be adhered to.

-Students must travel to and from the field trip, wearing their facemasks.

-The vehicles to be used for fieldtrips will be sanitized after they have been used.



-The students will be dismissed 15 minutes before the end of the school day. 

-The student closest to the door will exit first, followed by those behind, at 6’ distance.

-The student will wipe down his or her office and the empty office to their left, with disinfectant wipes.

-The student will retrieve their cell phone from the “cell phone pocket”.

-The student will line up at the drop-off and wait at a 6 ft. distance from his fellow-student as he/she waits for their ride.



-Disposable facemasks will be available for $1.00. 

-Reusable facemasks, with the embroidered initials of the school, for $5.00. 

-Students can also use homemade face masks provided they cover their nose and mouth.



Fire Drill:

-The students will exit in the same way as they normally do, but observing a 6ft distance (the supervisor will monitor the distance).


Tornado Drill:

-The student must put on their facemask and walk out to the main hallway and distance themselves from each other and stay away from the doors.


Lockdown drill:

-The students will lie flat on the floor with the face toward the wall of their office.